Fawn resting near some downed trees

About Matter of Tine

In 1993, Tom and Laura Johnson translated their love for whitetail deer into Matter of Tine farm. Beginning with a buck named Bob from John Borntreger of Granton, WI, and two does, Ruth from Ron Guldan's herd and Essie from Walter Kohl in a one acre fenced yard, Matter of Tine has grown to a modest herd of fine whitetail deer in five enclosures with connecting lanes.

When asked how they decided to start deer farming, "They are the most beautiful animals on earth," explains Tom, "and I never tire of watching them. Having them in our backyard all year long is a little piece of heaven on earth." Laura says it was Tom's midlife crisis, but her love for all animals finds expression in caring for them year round. Tom and Laura's three daughters have shared the responsibilities and experience of raising whitetails along with a variety of well loved dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Each season brings changes that are fascinating to watch. Spring brings new fawns that the does tenderly nurture. Laura and Tom select doe fawns to bottle feed so the deer accept handling and many other management reasons. The bucks start their antler growth which continues through the summer and reaches maturity at the rut in autumn. It all takes place against the backdrop of the Wisconsin woodland's changing landscape.

Matter of Tine has been CWD monitored since 2002, and is TB accredited.

We thank Ed Livingston, Ron Lee, Ed Dahlinger, Steve and Marsha Bertram, and Dan Schuman for their contributions to our herd's quality. Many thanks to Deb and Rick Myers for our new doe Destiny. In fawn to a High Roller grandson, Krazee Roller, her fawns may be the biggest boost to our herd to date. Special thanks also to the Whitetails of Wisconsin for their support and promotion.